I was never a big fan of working on my golf swing at the practice range—until today. A big part of this change in mindset has to do with applying what I’ve picked up at yoga to my golf.

In the past I used to be in a huge hurry and would blast my way past 100 balls, but today I slowed down my pace and just focused on observing. I tried to visualize the plane of my swing and every little movement in my back, wrist and hips.

Other tips that I’m trying to adopt are from this very insightful WSJ article, “How to Hit it on the Sweet Spot.” The writer questions:

Why, then, do so many golfers swing at the ball like maniacs, winding up every movable part of their bodies, even their eyebrows, and lunging forward with all their might, when the result of such effort, all but guaranteed, is loss of control and lousy, off-center hits?

This is something golf instructors ponder. Human nature is probably the simplest answer. For better results, try harder, especially when frustrated. It’s a strategy that works in weight-lifting and cold-call sales, but in golf it’s a loser.

Let’s hope I can find the sweet spot more often with my new found belief.